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Many people presume that having care in their own home is beyond their financial means, but this isn’t always the case. There are a variety of funding options available that can assist you or a loved one to remain in the comfort of the home.

What Care Funding Options Are Available?

Assistance with funding your care

Should you require assistance funding your care, you may be eligible to receive help from your Local Authority or NHS Continuing Healthcare Team. Below is a brief explanation of the types of support available.

Personal Budgets

A Personal Budget is an amount of money set aside to pay for your care needs. You can instruct your local authority to spend this budget on your behalf, or you can receive the money yourself as a Direct Payment. A Personal Budget can also be allocated to a trust fund managed by your family or friends, or managed by a professional such as a social worker.

Individual Budgets

An individual Budget is very similar to a Personal Budget, however it includes other sources of funding such as Supporting People, Disabled Facilities Grant, Independent Living Funds, Access to Work and Community Equipment Services and it can be used more flexibly to meet individual needs.

Direct Budgets

A Direct Payment is money given to you directly so that you can buy services for your care needs, which puts you in complete control of your care packages and provider.

Personal Health Budgets

A personal Health Budget is an allocation of funds made to a person with an established health need. Currently the NHS provide Personal Health Budgets in 3 different ways; National Budget, Real Budget Held by Third Party and Direct Payment. You can find out more about these options by visiting the Department Of Health website;

We work closely with over 100 NHS Trusts across the UK, working with clients who use various funding methods. Once you have confirmed your eligibility, we can work together to put a structured plan in place which will compliment your needs. 

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